Romance, mystery, and a queer sense of humour.

works in progress

BETWEEN THE WARS (working title)

England, 1939. Sam Brockwell—ex-bodyguard, and all around cynic—finds himself investigating a murder at a slick, fashionable countryhouse, in spite of two facts: a) he's not a detective, and b) no one seems to have been murdered.

The only thing keeping Sam from abandoning the case is his curiosity. His curiosity, and his increasing fascination with Paul, the scion of the family. With the onrushing threat of another great war, that fascination may not seem like much to keep him from being consumed with memories from the last one. But it might be enough.

MERELY PLAYERS (working title)

Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a case that feels increasingly familiar. Who is the man in the false nose? Where did the empty violin come from? And what does William Shakespeare have to do with it all?

It's a case that will find the two men questioning their schooling, their sanity, and their relationship with one another. If all goes well, they'll wind up a whole lot wiser—and happier—than they ever were before.

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